Why should I care about millennials and Gen Z?

Photo by: Emily Thibodeau

Photo by: Emily Thibodeau

Millennials became the largest generation in the US labor force in 2016.* Companies compete for millennial and post-millennial talent.

These generations are culturally diverse and socially conscious. They demand purpose in their work, and are not as loyal to companies and people as the preceding generations. If employers want to attract and retain this talent pool, they must recognize DEI is in their DNA and adapt.

Adapting benefits these companies. Diverse and inclusive teams are purpose-driven; they widen the organizational lens.  They help ensure a company’s brand and offerings serve its customers and team members. In turn, these environments are diverse on many levels and foster a sense of belonging.

This effort requires a host of committed, informed, and proactive individuals across departments and roles. DEI is a strategic growth initiative, not a departmental objective.

There is no one size fits all template, but experienced practitioners can help organizations identify and effectively deploy best practices that benefit their workforce, workplace, and marketplace. ImpactDEI helps facilitate these changes at scale.

* Source: Pew Research Center