Why ImpactDEI?

ImpactDEI provides meaningful workforce, workplace, and marketplace solutions.

We adapt our approach to the size, stage, and appetite of the organization. 

Marny Lifshen and Christine McCarey

Marny Lifshen and Christine McCarey

DEI efforts often are relegated to HR professionals as a departmental initiative. Or, a few committed individuals try to effect organizational change in their “free time.” Either way, these folks usually have insufficient knowledge, tools, access, support, or time to effectively address DEI challenges. Frustration and fatigue ensue.

ImpactDEI actively listens to a client’s needs. We use gentle nudges to redress systemic and individual barriers. Our efforts foster balanced teams and belonging. 

Assessments - We assess data, systems, processes, policies, environment, and behavior. We help prioritize and close gaps to create meaningful change. Often, changes that interrupt bias at the systemic level or promote healthy environments are inexpensive and easy to implement. It is particularly useful to examine and adjust how organizations attract, onboard, educate, and promote team members, then measure success over time.

Organizational Change - Embedding DEI requires executive support, middle manager alignment, and grassroots efforts. One DEI initiative, program, or leader is insufficient. We create organizational frameworks with enough freedom to empower team members. Committed folks with access to data, capital, education, and leadership can help their organizations better reach and serve talent pools, customers, and communities. Social impact tethered to economic value is a powerful engagement tool.

Coaching - Some executives are new to or uncomfortable with DEI discussions and that is okay and understandable. We can translate DEI topics that matter to millennials and Gen Z into terms that resonate with leadership. Like anyone else, management needs space to learn, make mistakes, and try again.

EducationWe offer customizable training and workshops, including:
- Manager Empathy
- Storytelling and Self-Empowerment
- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101 (including unconscious bias, microaggressions, intersectionality, and allyship). 
Training and workshops have a greater impact if middle managers are engaged. If ImpactDEI cannot help you, we probably know someone who can.

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